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Dancik Capital Group is a California-based company with offices in New York. We serve all 50 states and can accommodate note purchases of any amount. At Dancik Capital our aim is to provide you with the greatest amount of cash for your note in the shortest amount of time possible.

Dancik Capital is the country’s leading provider for home mortgage note funding. That’s because residential and commercial note funding is all we do. This market focus coupled with years of experience allows us to provide the greatest service and capital return for your note interests.

Dancik Capital has a commitment to provide each individual with competent, professional and courteous service. Our job is complete when your financial objectives are met.

Mortgage Note Quote Request Form

Please complete the online note request form below. In order to provide you with the greatest cash value for your note, please fill in as many boxes as possible with the most accurate information. The majority of your information can be found on your closing documents and on the note itself.

If you are not the primary note holder or broker working directly with the homeowner, please do not submit note requests to our office. Dancik Capital does not submit offers to buy notes through secondary or tertiary broker positions.

To FAX a Quote Request: download and print the PDF version of the form. Complete the form, and fax to (888) 838-2724. Download the printable PDF version of this page.

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